Worthpad Content Creator Program

Worthpad Content Creator Program

πŸš€ Introduction

πŸ’Ž Who do we expect?

πŸ“’ What you’ll do?

πŸ“ƒ Criteria to assess content:

  1. Graphics, text, articles, blogs, how-to guides, audio, video, and/or visual content are all acceptable.
  2. Content informs the public about the technical/social aspects of Worthpad and $WORTH Token.
  3. Content must be grammatically correct and of high quality.
  4. Content represents the values of Worthpad.
  5. Information is up-to-date and well presented, not duplicative.
  6. Video and audio content should of high quality in resolution, editing, and production value efforts; graphic design work should exhibit proficiency in designing.
  7. The number of audience members must meet our required standard.
  8. Content published after 8 October 2021 will be considered eligible.

πŸ“ Submission

Worthpad Content Creator Program Submission Form

πŸ’° Rewards



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