WORTH Token — The Fuel That Powers The Worthpad Ecosystem

5 min readOct 22, 2021
The Worthpad Platform

With the increased popularity of blockchain, the world has seen a massive increase in acceptance of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Utility tokens are primarily used for the exchange of goods and services. Governance tokens provide holders the power to vote for protocols and standards. Users can participate in the decision making process of the protocol/standard using Governance tokens.

The applications of blockchain tokens are practically endless, and they can provide a wide variety of uses and functionality. Cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly power the future of DeFi, DApps, and blockchain in general.

Problems Faced By Retail Crypto Investors
Solution — The Worthpad Platform

We have been in the Venture Capital space for a long time. We’ve seen it time and again that venture capital investment opportunities have traditionally only been available to the wealthy and well-connected. A layman would never get an opportunity to invest in the seed round of a company like Facebook or Amazon if they were to launch today.

Similarly, only HNIs and well-connected people receive allocations for private/presales of brilliant crypto projects. Average retail investors are often excluded from participating in the early-stage funding of startups, therefore missing out on the potentially unlimited growth opportunities.

WORTH token is an integral part of the Worthpad ecosystem. It acts as a utility token and WORTH token holders will also get Worth DAO governance tokens to participate in the decision making of the Worthpad platform.

How does WORTH Token function?

WORTH token is the fuel that powers the Worthpad ecosystem. It allows retail investors to take part in funding crypto projects that may potentially be the next Bitcoin, Ethereum or Polkadot.

WORTH token is a reflection utility token that allows retail investors to create massive wealth. WORTH token gives investors the opportunity of a lifetime to earn passive income. We have created a mechanism so that WORTH token acts as a goose that lays golden eggs. If you buy and stake WORTH tokens, you will be able to generate a passive income stream of tokens of all the projects being incubated and accelerated on the Worth IDO Launchpad till you stake WORTH tokens. This is a revolutionary concept.

A retail investor does not have the resources or the expertise to research, conduct due diligence, negotiate and invest in Crypto projects that are building the future of Blockchain/Crypto Technology.

How many good projects can an investor research, do due diligence, negotiate and invest in?

Worthpad platform works as a dedicated VC Fund for each retail investor who buys and stakes WORTH tokens. Investors who stake WORTH tokens will get the tokens of all the projects that are incubated and accelerated on the Worth IDO Launchpad in proportion of their stake to the total WORTH tokens staked. The reward allocation algorithm calculates staking score based on two parameters:

  1. Duration of the stake
  2. Quantity of the Worth tokens

This strategy has a massive up-side potential while eliminating the risk of a loss for retail investors.

Worth DVC Fund is the lead investor that invests capital in the projects identified by Worth IDO Launchpad for incubation and acceleration. Worth IDO Launchpad gets project tokens in lieu of investment capital. These tokens are distributed to investors who stake $WORTH tokens after deducting performance fee of the Worth DVC Fund.

The entire ecosystem has been designed in such a way that the value of WORTH token will keep increasing. We are building Worthpad platform to give long-term WORTH investors and stakers an astronomical ROI on their investment.

WORTH Token Mechanics

WORTH Token Mechanics (Some technical details have been abstracted for non-technical audience)

WORTH Token uses a tax function that is applied to every WORTH transaction. This tax is distributed between the Worth Liquidity Pool and the Worth DVC Fund. The overall tax is set at 10%, and the proceeds are split between the two pools. This means that 5% goes to the Worth Liquidity Pool, and 5% goes to the Worth DVC Fund.

Let us take an example of a transaction between two wallets A and B transacting on PCS. Wallet A sells 200,000 WORTH Tokens. Wallet B buys WORTH tokens for USDT 100. A 5% tax is applied to the buyer and the seller. A will receive 95 USDT and B will receive 190,000 WORTH tokens. 5 USDT go to the WORTH DVC Fund and 10,000 WORTH go to the Worth Liquidity Pool.

WORTH DVC Fund will invest the accumulated funds in promising and high potential Crypto projects identified to be incubated and accelerated on the Worth IDO Launchpad. Worth IDO Launchpad will receive tokens from incubated and accelerated projects in lieu of investment capital and other services rendered. These tokens from multiple projects will be distributed to investors who stake WORTH tokens.

If WORTH stakers decide to become active investors, they will get guaranteed allocation and discounted token price for the tokens of the projects that they want to invest in. Whereas, the investors who are not staking WORTH tokens will be able to buy project tokens at regular price only.

Worthpad will not burn $WORTH tokens. Burning tokens is an artificial way of creating scarcity and it is used as a psychological tool to attract gullible investors. This mechanism doesn’t add any value.

Worthpad believes in building and distributing value. Let’s take an example. Let’s suppose Worth DVC Fund had the mandate to invest $2 million in a quarter but was able to materialize deals of only $1 million. The remaining $1 million will be distributed among investors who are staking $WORTH tokens.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss it!

For more information about Worthpad and how to be a part of the revolution that will shape the global crypto space, visit the Worthpad Website.

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