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3 min readOct 30, 2021
Worth IDO Launchpad

Crowdfunding has been a popular way to raise money, build a community, and generate interest in upcoming projects and companies. Sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have facilitated this process and helped bring many popular projects to life. These projects have ranged from video games to tech gadgets, and several have become quite well-known.

Unfortunately, not every project is a success. Some may fail to reach their funding threshold, others are successfully funded but fail due to logistics, organization, or poor planning.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is venture capital funding. Highly selective firms invest in select startups with funds being supplied by highly accredited investors. While venture capital projects have a much higher success rate, they are also incredibly limited with who they work with.

The Worthpad platform was built to avoid the problems and limitations of these systems and provide opportunities for both investors and startups using the power of blockchain. So how does Worthpad accomplish this? Through the use of the Worth IDO Launchpad.

What is the Worth IDO Launchpad?

The Worth IDO Launchpad is made up of three distinctive parts. These products are specifically designed to assist startups and projects in different stages of their growth.

Worth Incubator

The Worth Incubator is specifically tailored to meet the needs of innovative projects and ideas that are currently in the conceptual phase. The Worthpad team will work closely with Incubator projects to provide expertise and advise on a variety of things including marketing, tokenomics, audits, and more.

The Worth team’s end goal is to assist in the creation of a minimal viable product (MVP) that can be used to test the market and then move onto the next phase. The Worth Incubator provides a considerable amount of support for new startups, as well as provides an opportunity to build a community around the project. Once the MVP is finalized, the project can move onto the next stage with confidence and solid backing.

Worth Accelerator

The Worth Accelerator is designed for the next phase in the process. In this program, startups will have a working MVP and will be looking to grow and scale with additional capital. Worthpad continues to offer support through mentors and advisors. These mentors will ensure things such as customer acquisition, production, and logistics, are well thought out and the startup is set up for success.

Worth Self Launcher

The Worth Self Launcher is for projects and startups that only want the monetary support offered by Worthpad. There is no mentorship or advisory support within the Self Launcher, and startups will need to adhere to specific conditions. These conditions range from milestone-based funding to specific contributions to the Worth Insurance Treasury.

The support startups need

Worth IDO Launchpad has been designed to provide the help and support startups need to build their businesses in a precarious environment. The Worthpad team includes numerous experts and advisors on a range of subjects and fields. When startups work with Worthpad, they aren’t just getting capital, they are getting a team dedicated to ensuring the project is as successful as it can be.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss it!

For more information about Worthpad and how to be a part of the revolution that will shape the global crypto space, visit the Worthpad Website.

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