How the Worth Incubator Can Turn Your Idea Into A Reality

3 min readNov 22, 2021
Worth Incubator

Every successful product, project, and startup started from an idea or concept. It then went through the rigorous process of design, development, and production. On paper, it can seem extremely easy and straightforward. But the unfortunate reality is that over 99% of ideas never make it past the conceptual stage.

That’s because it takes a considerable amount of planning, knowledge, and capital to take a project from start to finish. Most startups fail in the early stage because they lack funding and direction. Their expertise lies within the product and its design and development, but that leaves marketing, scaling, and management completely unaccounted for.

In this highly competitive market, having a good product isn’t enough to be successful. Marketing is necessary for customer acquisition and getting the word out about the product. Scaling takes the product or idea and ensures it remains viable as demand increases. Operational management brings everything together to ensure the startup operates efficiently and effectively, so that it can continue well into the future.

Unfortunately, expertise in these areas is hard to find when funding is scarce. Which is why the Worthpad platform was created. To provide projects and startups the capital, support, and guidance they need in order to succeed. This is done through several different offerings, the first being the Worth Incubator.

What is the Worth Incubator?

The Worth Incubator is a program designed specifically for projects and startups that are just starting out. If you have an idea or concept, the Worth Incubator will help to realize that idea into a minimal viable product (MVP). It does this through a number of different ways.


The Worthpad platform brings together investors and startups through its token $WORTH and the Worth DVC Fund. The Worth DVC Fund is the lead investor for the projects selected by the Worth Incubator and it will provide investment capital which will be used to fund selected projects. This provides the investment capital startups need to get their project off the ground.


When a startup is accepted into the Worth Incubator program, they are provided mentorship and support. The Worthpad team will provide a variety of services including advisory, marketing and PR, and audits. This can be integral to ensuring the success of the project and it’s progress to the next stage product development.

Worth Accelerator

Once a project has completed an MVP, the work has just begun and the startup can move beyond the initial stage into what Worthpad calls the Worth Accelerator. Rather than focusing on the product itself, the Worth Accelerator program focuses on scaling and growing the company itself. This includes customer acquisition, product production and distribution, and other challenges startups face as they grow.

Worth Accelerator

Empowering your startup with Worthpad

Operating as a startup in the technology and blockchain industry can be extremely challenging. The Worthpad platform seeks to make that process easier by providing the capital and support high-potential projects need. With the guidance and mentorship of the Worthpad team, startups can hit the ground running with an MVP and a well detailed plan in mind. The Worth Accelerator then acts as the next step in the process, taking startups and helping transform them into fully-fledged companies.

How to apply to Worth Incubator

Please send an email with a pitch deck to Our team will reach out to you.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss it!

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